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Thursday Cannon Fodder: main character

Social Media Illustration Photos Photo illustration by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Do any of y’all get as interested as me to see who become the Twitter main character of the day? I’m genuinely curious what genius / moron / jerk / regular human will become the focal point for the internet discourse.

Recent main characters that jump to mind: Jane Slater, the NFL reporter who defended unpaid internships and got roasted for it, the attorney who turned himself into a cat on that Zoom call with a judge, the dad who was kind of a jerk to his seven year old for expecting the child to be able to use a can opener.

I know there have been academic studies about the mechanics of going viral, the “things” that make a person / video more likely to blow up, and that some people try really hard to make themselves that person. But some people just organically stumble onto main character status.

I really enjoy the randomness of the internet, especially Twitter, and finding out who the main character is going to be on any particular day is fun. Just one of those little things in life that brings me a small amount of joy.

What or who has been your favorite main character / viral thing lately? How about of all-time?