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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: Sporcle is back

Did it ever really leave?

Schufa information Photo by Frank Rumpenhorst/picture alliance via Getty Images

The thing that literally nobody has been asking for has returned! Sporcle Wednesdays are back (at least for now). What better time than the international break, when we don’t have football to occupy us, to go back to a Cannon Fodder favorite to keep our brain-muscle loose and limber.

Today’s quiz is a soccer word ladder. It’s more of a cleverness game than a test of your memory of soccer stuff game, but this is my world and you’re living in it. I think they’re fun. If you’ve never done one, you’re given a brief definition of four-letter words in a list. Each word has one (and only one) letter changed from the previous word. For example:

Pig Fat: LARD
Difficult: HARD
Hopping mammal: HARE
Cost of a taxi: FARE
Yell after a bad shot: FORE

I hope you get the idea. I find it easiest to go in order, but if you get stuck, the quiz allows you to fill in other spots and circle back to ones you’ve missed. In that way, you can work backwards to a point where you’ve got more information for one on which you’re well and truly stuck (because if you have the word that comes before AND after, you’ve got three of the four letters already).

Let everybody know how you did in the comments. Or don’t. Also, please chat below about whatever is on your mind today, because I don’t anticipate this quiz inspiring much conversation.