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Monday Cannon Fodder: international break

West Ham United v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

International breaks are dumb. That’s it. That’s CF for the day.

Okay, so that’s not it.

I think we all understand why international breaks exist, at least on some level. There are financial and sponsorship reasons as well as footballing ones. Yes, there is some innate football value to the international breaks; they aren’t entirely money grabs.

This time around, there seem to be even more players that aren’t traveling because of COVID-19 related travel restrictions. A number of players would have to quarantine upon returning from international duty and miss club games, and as a result, they have not been called in / have declined the call-ups.

I’m afraid that, as we saw last time, among the players that travel, we’re going to see positive tests on their return. Travel means exposure to more people, and exposure to more people increases the opportunities to get COVID-19.

But people raised their eyebrows at the necessity of international fixtures back in the fall, and their questions fell on deaf ears. That’s not going to change now. So we’ve just got to add another concern to the list of things about which we’re crossing our fingers.

I really don’t like international breaks.