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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: Arsenal questions

Leicester City v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Malcolm Couzens/Getty Images

I wanted to share two things / thoughts / questions from TSF twitter from yesterday that I think might inspire some interesting discussion. Both were about Granit Xhaka.

So I’m not sure that I actually believe this, but I’m leaning pretty hard in that direction. To be clear, saying he’s the most underrated doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a star (although I think he’s a well-above average Premier League player). It just means that there is the greatest difference between how he is generally perceived and the player he actually is. He is limited, particularly athletically in comparison to other players at his position, but he’s incredibly important to the way Arsenal play. And as I wrote yesterday, he’s almost never hurt and plays a ton of minutes — there is significant value in that, too.

For our discussion on this question, I’d like to expand that out beyond the current roster. Who do you think the most divisive Arsenal player has been in the Premier League era? I’m expecting to see a good deal of Mesut Özil on this one.