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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: open thread

U.S. Downtowns Yearn For Vaccine As Merchant Traffic Falls 70%

I would be remiss if I didn’t use today’s CF to highlight the 8 people, 6 of them Asian, gunned down in Atlanta last night. Its part of a disturbing rising tide of violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

I wish I could speak eloquently about it, but right now, I cannot really pull my thoughts together. It’s a direct effect from the sadness, fear, anger, and other thoughts being shared online, including from people I know quite well, about last night and the wave of violence. My goodness, and if I can’t pull my thoughts together, can you imagine what it must be like for those in the AAPI community this morning (and everyday)?

People are scared that their parent or grandparent will be the next target, the next person to be walking down the street and attacked for looking as they do. That they’ll be the next person killed just for existing.

We have to do better, y’all. We have to snuff out racism, in all it’s forms against any target. It’s going to destroy us if we don’t.

So comment about the topic if you want. Or use this post as an open thread to talk about whatever today. But I couldn’t not talk about this.