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Thursday Cannon Fodder: what if

Arsenal Training Session Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

So I think we have to have this discussion. Well, not us here on this website because ultimately our take doesn’t matter, but you know what I mean. Does Arsenal sack Mikel Arteta if Arsenal go out of the Europa League today? Should they sack him if that happens?

I’m feeling quietly confident that the Gunners will take care of business against Benfica and avoid a second year in a row of going out of the Europa League in the Round of 32. But it might not happen that way. And if it doesn’t...

I don’t think Arsenal are going to sack Mikel Arteta if they go out today. I think the club is committed to him at least starting next season in charge.

But should they get rid of him if they lose today? For me, also no. I think he has shown both when he took over the club, with the FA Cup run, and since Boxing Day that he’s capable of improving the quality of football the club is playing and guiding the ship in the correct direction. As a general, wide-view trend, if you compare the football Arsenal were playing when he took over to what they’re playing now, the level is quite clearly raised. That’s enough in my book to keep him around, for now. But at some point, if the results continue to have Arsenal below where they’re “expected” to be as a club, it’ll be time to serious consider getting rid of him. That time is not now.