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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: heated

Arsenal v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Charlotte Wilson/Offside/Offside via Getty Images

Oh boy was I heated last night. I was having a nice, relaxing evening, then I came across GQ Britain’s ranking of all the Premier League winners. Now, in their defense, they did say from the jump “prepare to be very, very angry at the order” but, c’mon y’all. Stick to lifestyle and fashion.

On the one hand, it’s a silly exercise that has very little meaning. On the other hand, I’m looking up flights to London to give someone a piece of my mind.

You can probably guess what had me bent out of shape: they had The Invincibles 8th on the list. Eighth. For the only side in modern English football to go an entire league season unbeaten. I get trying to be edgy and inflammatory, but there’s a difference between that and stupid.

I could more or less dismantle their entire Top 10, especially the absurd over-inclusion of middling Chelsea champion squads, but this is CF and I don’t want to write a 1000-word screed. Suffice it to say I have issues with a lot of their selections. To their credit (?), they picked Manchester City’s centurions first. That’s without question who I would have second behind the Invincibles. But again, BEHIND the Invincibles.

Going unbeaten to win the league tops all other accomplishments. You know how I know? Neither the Centurions or last season’s Liverpool juggernaut could do it.

What do y’all think?