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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: first thing


Today’s CF is inspired by something that ESPNFC posted on Twitter yesterday (the tweet has since been deleted). But it was something like, “Arsenal fans, what is the first thing you’d do if you were in charge of the club?”

Sidenote: it’s really disappointing how the ESPNFC Twitter account has become almost exclusively a tryhard engagement farm / clickbait / shitposting handle. There was a time (back when people like Paul Carr worked for their soccer coverage) that it tweeted out really interesting and creative stats. Oh well.

Anyway, back to the question. Some people elected to go with clever responses — one of my personal favorite follows @NutmegRadio said “set up my direct deposit” which I totally get. I’d want to make sure that I got every cent of that Stan Kroenke cash headed my way.

I’m going to guess the question was aimed more at personnel decisions. But you know what, I’m a zig when everybody else zags kind of guy. So if I were put in charge of Arsenal, I would publicly mend fences with Arsene Wenger and get him back to the Emirates ASAP. It feels weird that the biggest club legend is in the midst of this semi-rift with the club. From the outside looking in, it seems like the bad juju from that messy divorce is still hanging like a dark cloud over the club that needs a fresh gust of wind to blow it away. I also think that he would be a capable executive or advisor for the club in some capacity — dude didn’t manage at the top level in Europe for decades by being a slouch. He knows his stuff.

What would you do?