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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: milkshake duck


Yesterday, the main character of the internet was a Texas lawyer who managed to turn himself into a cat on a zoom call with a judge and opposing council. He had trouble turning it off, and eventually told the judge “I’m not a cat” and “I’m prepared to proceed.”

It’s quite funny and relevant. “People struggling with Zoom” is a trope to which most of us can relate right now. It wasn’t staged, either. Just a technologically challenged Boomer accidentally doing something very silly.

To nobody’s surprise, however, it took less than half a day for the lawyer to be milkshake-ducked — the meme that loosely represents the concept of how almost every time something nice, funny, interesting happens on the internet, we quickly find out that the persons involved aren’t the best humans.

Not going to go into details about how, exactly, it turned out the lawyer was less than a great guy (you can easily find it for yourself, if you want), but yeah, he’s not great.

It doesn’t fully spoil the comedy of the viral video, but it does make it much less enjoyable, at least for me. I don’t really have a point here other than it sucks that we can’t have nice things. People need to stop being shitty. I want to enjoy things on the internet in peace.