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Thursday Cannon Fodder: fashion

Paul Merson of Arsenal

I can’t with this club sometimes. The juxtaposition of middling to poor results on the field and the drippiest, fliest, most fire apparel lines slays me. Arsenal have become a fashion club with a football problem. And that sound you hear, yeah that’s the sound of me opening up my wallet, stewing in my own hypocrisy as I open

I mean. Come on. Those look so good. Other than the weird line of training kits released last month that look like Spain jerseys, everything that adidas has done for Arsenal has been spot on. It’s such a nice change of pace from the dreadful Puma days.

For what it’s worth (which is very little), I’d like to point out that Ian Wright is the only person in that video not to have been an infant or less than a twinkle in their parents’ eyes in ‘93-’94, the year from which the line draws inspiration. Mana Iwabuchi is a ‘93, Nikita Parris a ‘94, the others didn’t exist. Heck, Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe aren’t even children of the ‘90s!

I’m old (but not as old as Ian Wright).