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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: quiz time

Rosslyn Chapel Puts Finishing Touches On Christmas Tree Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

I love holiday music. It gets me in the mood for the season and it makes me happy. I think I mentioned back in November that I was seriously considering breaking my personal rule and listening to holiday songs before Thanksgiving this year given gestures around at the state of the world but I stayed strong. But since Thanksgiving, they’ve been on nearly non-stop. This is the way.

We’ve got two quizzes today: one about Christmas Carols and one identifying the Jewish and non-Jewish people name-dropped in Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song. My family has celebrated both holidays my entire life, so including a quiz for both seemed appropriate, although there are a dearth of Chanukah-themed Sporcle quizzes. You have to click through to get to the Sandler quiz because it’s an image-based one. You get pictures of the celebs and you have to identify them.

The Christmas carols quiz is below. My advice for that one is to start singing, either in your head or out loud. You’ll get to the song names eventually. On the other one, you either know who the celebrities are or you don’t. Not many hints I can give there.