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The Shirt Fuse: 2022-23 leaks

Adidas has been hard at work turning out lots of Arsenal product

Arsenal Prepare For New Singing Thomas Partey Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Arsenal and adidas have been cranking out product left and right as of late and leaks for the 2022/23 season are making rounds.

First up - Arsenal Teamgeist shirt released and was worn in match by our youth team. A play on your nostalgia for the days when Arsenal were a “Proper” club, this highly recognized template was seen all over adidas clubs at the time, most notably the AC Milan version. Combine that with reworking the Nike Highbury kit, one hoped to produce a great shirt, I think. The issue is well...the Highbury shirt was perfect and didn’t need reworked, especially by a different manufacturer. I’ve liked a lot of what adidas has done since taking over from Puma, but this is a big miss for me.

2022/23 away kit to be black and the third kit to be pink. My first thought is both will be worn by Aaron Ramsdale in goal at some point in the season just like he has been seen in the Arsenal away kit from this current year. I usually love an all black kit, its hard to mess up and tends to look very sharp for most clubs. I’m just not sure a team who would claim their main colors to be red, white, blue and yellow are in need of an all black away kit.

Arsenal v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

My guess is the biggest shame will be our current away and third kits are going to be replaced by a lesser product design wise and we’ll be wasting a wonderful third kit design that could have clearly been our full time away kit in 2022/23.

Collaborations are so fetch right now and Arsenal are set to be the first club to release product in collaboration with adidas’ Stella McCartney line. My guess is a limited vault of product will be released and we may see our teams in a pre match shirt at some point.

Are you a fan of black away kits and pink third kits, let’s chat about it below!