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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: had it, lost it

Everton v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Chloe Knott - Danehouse/Getty Images

When I woke up this morning, I knew precisely what I wanted to write about for Cannon Fodder. I had even started organizing the post in my mind. Then sometime between waking up and getting to my computer, I completely forgot.

I think I forgot in part because I had to mute dozens of “EvertonFan69420” accounts on Twitter who felt it was appropriate to respond to one of a handful of TSF tweets about Ben Godfrey’s reckless and violent play not just yesterday but also other times I’ve seen him this season. He is a dangerous player. He plays out of control and is going to seriously hurt an opponent if referees don’t get him under control.

Apparently for some, injurious play is a good thing, a desirable quality in a player. Or it is judging by the responses received. Everton are lucky that these folks don’t run the club, otherwise the 27 year trophy drought would certainly turn into a 54 year one. I truly don’t understand the desire of some supporters, often English (but it’s a foible not limited to Her Majesty’s citizens), to celebrate brutal football. People seem incapable of separating good, hard, physical play from dangerous, violent play.

Personally, I prefer to watch skilled players do cool and creative stuff with the ball. Not watch a brute like Ben Godfrey lumber around the pitch cleating people in the foot and ankle and stepping on faces. It’s wild to me that preference apparently a personal one. If you like violence, go watch rugby or American football. Or boxing or MMA. They don’t even make pretenses about the violence there.

And a parting note: your team just won EvertonFan69420. Go celebrate them. Revel in Demari Gray’s wondergoal in added time that won the match. Why are you trolling the internet, looking for people to try to wind up? That’s such a small, sad existence to live.