IKTS Week 21: At home against the reigning title holders.

The Gunners were idle, and one of the eight scheduled games, Everton versus Newcastle, was postponed for pandemic related reasons. Crystal Palace dominated Norwich 3-0. Southampton scored first but the noisy neighbors equalized for 1-1 and no further goals. Watford scored first but West Ham then scored 4 unanswered goals. Leicester beat Liverpool 1-0, in a game that saw Salah miss a penalty. Chelsea were about to win until ex Gunner Danny Welbeck scored a goal at the death for a 1-1 final result. Manchester City won at Brentford by a single goal, with a whiff of offside on the goal, while Brentford threatened at several occasions. Finally, Manchester United beat Burnley 3-1, with an own goal by Mee. The eight participants combined for 34 points (with an average of 4 and 1/4 per participant) and we only had a single correct IKTS prediction.

Scores for the week:

skinnejay 6 (1)
Sonny from Suffolk 5 (0)
ben from portsmouth 4 (0)
ClevelandJames 4 (0)
Geaux_HR 4 (0)
hansdampf 4 (0)
Ray from Norfolk 4 (0)
inthekcmix 3 (0)

Stars of the week: skinnejay is first on 6 points (and one correct IKTS prediction) with Sonny from Suffolk in second on 5 points (but no correct IKTS predictions) while there are five participants on 4 points in third place.

Clever pick of the week: Only skinnejay predicted the exact score for Chelsea versus Brighton.

Crisis pick of the week: Another collective crisis as none of the participants predicted a win for Leicester at home against Liverpool.

Standings after week 20:

ClevelandJames 159 (19)
skinnejay 154 (24)
Sonny from Suffolk 150 (18)
Ray from Norfolk 143 (11)
Geaux_HR 137 (14)
hansdampf 131 (11)
ben from portsmouth 127 (14)
inthekcmix 109 (6)

After Week 20, ClevelandJames leads skinnejay by six points and Sonny from Suffolk by nine points.

Cup game: No game.

Cup standings:

Geaux_HR 7 (1)
ClevelandJames 6 (0)
ben from portsmouth 5 (1)
hansdampf 5 (0)
Sonny from Suffolk 4 (0)
Ray from Norfolk 3 (0)
skinnejay 3 (0)
inthekcmix 2 (0)

In the Cup standings, Geaux_HR leads ClevelandJames by a single point.

Upcoming schedule:

Week 21: Monday January 1, Tuesday January 2, and Wednesday January 3:

Arsenal - Manchester City
Watford - Tottenham
Crystal Palace - West Ham
Brentford - Aston Villa
Everton - Brighton
Leeds - Burnley
Southampton - Newcastle
Chelsea - Liverpool
Manchester United - Wolverhampton