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Friday Cannon Fodder: perspective

Manchester United v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Good morning and happy Friday, TSFers. You’ve made it through another week and congratulations are in order. You’re doing great!

It would be a happier Friday if Arsenal had managed to get a result against an eminently beatable and distinctly average Manchester United side yesterday, but what can you do. You may recall that my summary analysis was that Arsenal didn’t play well but they also didn’t play poorly. They made some mistakes, United made some mistakes, and the Gunners got the short end of the stick. That kind of thing happens.

This morning, I asked Arsenal twitter how they were feeling about the match with the benefit of hindsight a bit more distance from the knee-jerk reactions. I’m interested to hear your thoughts in the comments. More generally, I’m curious whether you find your analysis / takes changing as you get further away from games and read what others have to say about the match.

With respect to yesterday’s match: I think I may have been a little harsh on Thomas Partey. He was poor in the first half but was okay in the second half. The problem remains that Arsenal are set up in a way where he needs to be a key contributor, and they aren’t getting the level of play they need from him. Basically, he probably played better than I thought yesterday, but that doesn’t change the fact that the club need more from him.

So, yeah. Chat in the comments about whether your analysis of yesterday has changed, and more generally whether you find yourself changing your tune with a bit of perspective on matches.