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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: community

Arsenal v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

Y’all are a great community. You make it fun and easy to manage the site, the comments, and the community. So thanks for being you. We’ve got all sorts - stats / analytics, tactics folks, creatives, comics, long-time supporters and new ones. Each one of you brings something different and valuable to our group and to our discussions.

I wanted to specifically thank everybody for being civil and having a polite, informative conversation in the comments on the Premier League COVID rules post yesterday. It’s not an easy topic to cover because the stakes are so high and that inevitably makes people cling strongly to their beliefs and convictions. Some of y’all did not agree with each other (and me), but you shared your thoughts and personal experiences in a productive way. I learned plenty, and I hope you did too.

We’ve built such a good community here that even when people in it disagree (sometimes significantly so — hello Granit Xhaka discourse), they do so respectfully and without resorting to personal attack and insults. Shout out to the site managers and previous writers for creating and nurturing that culture and to y’all for helping continue it. Let’s keep fostering that ethos and growing the TSF family!