IKTS Week 18: A visit to the Yorkshire and Leeds.

Arsenal dominated West Ham and should have won by a bigger margin, but a great goal by Martinelli assisted by Lacazette and another by ESR assisted by Saka were sufficient to take Arsenal one point above the Hammers into fourth place. As usual, the commentators and the pundits were bashing Arsenal because the Gunners played an excellent game, a disappointment for some; you know who they are. Three games got postponed as a result of the pandemic and it is frustrating that the vaccination rate is not much higher, but there are all kind of idiots who discourage people (through misinformation) from getting their vaccines and boosters. Norwich could not score against Aston Villa and Gerrard's team left Norfolk with a clean sheet, two goals to the good, and three points. Manchester City annihilated Leeds by the score of 7 to 0. Crystal Palace had a last gasp equalizer for a score of 2-2 against visiting Southampton. Chelsea dominated but was undone by an opportunistic goal that landed Everton an equalizer and a point. Finally, Liverpool conceded once against Newcastle, but then scored three, in an expected win. Overall, due to the postponements, the 8 participants combined for only 33 points (an average of 4 and 1/8 per participant) and there were only two correct IKTS predictions.

Scores for the week:

Sonny from Suffolk 5 (1)
hansdampf 5 (0)
ben from portsmouth 4 (1)
ClevelandJames 4 (0)
Geaux_HR 4 (0)
inthekcmix 4 (0)
Ray from Norfolk 4 (0)
skinnejay 3 (0)

Stars of the week: Sonny from Suffolk is first on 5 points (and one correct IKTS prediction) with hansdampf in second on 5 points (but without any correct IKTS predictions) and ben from portsmouth in third, on 4 points (and one correct IKTS prediction) but the others are right behind.

Clever pick of the week: Only ben from portsmouth predicted the exact score for Arsenal versus West Ham and only Sonny from Suffolk predicted the correct score for Norwich versus Aston Villa.

Crisis pick of the week: Only Sonny from Suffolk failed to predicted Arsenal's win, hauling a rancid bagel while others scored points. Also, ben from portsmouth was the only one failing to predict Liverpool's win, hauling a dried out donut while others scored points. There was also a collective crisis as all of the participants failed to predict a draw between Chelsea and Everton.

Standings after week 17:

ClevelandJames 143 (17)
skinnejay 141 (23)
Sonny from Suffolk 137 (17)
Ray from Norfolk 130 (11)
Geaux_HR 125 (14)
hansdampf 118 (10)
ben from portsmouth 110 (12)
inthekcmix 101 (6)

After Week 17, ClevelandJames leads skiinejay by two points.

Cup game: No game.

Cup standings:

Geaux_HR 5 (1)
ben from portsmouth 4 (1)
ClevelandJames 4 (0)
hansdampf 4 (0)
Sonny from Suffolk 3 (0)
Ray from Norfolk 2 (0)
skinnejay 2 (0)
inthekcmix 1 (0)

In the Cup standings, Geaux_HR leads ben from portsmouth, ClevelandJames, and hansdampf by a single point.

Upcoming schedule:

Week 18: Saturday December 18 and Sunday December 19:

Aston Villa - Burnley
Leeds - Arsenal
Wolverhampton - Chelsea
Newcastle - Manchester City
Tottenham - Liverpool