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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: go away

This story needs to die.

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Brighton & Hove Albion v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

I would like all this Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang stripped of the captaincy stuff to go away. The Athletic reports that Aubameyang is set to report back to London Colney today (if you have an Athletic subscription, I recommend that article - it goes into great detail). If he does, I’ll consider the issue resolved. But I’m sure plenty in the media won’t.

At the risk of sounding too “the pundits hate my team” and complain-y, the media are having a poorly-run field day with this (mostly) non-story. The talking heads have little more insight into the situation than we do. Everything that they’re saying, all their takes, are based off their own experiences, which while valid to a Premier League dressing room a decade-plus ago, is not the Arsenal dressing room.

Most pundits don’t know anything more about what is going on behind the scenes in North London than you or I. And as I said (several times) yesterday and will reiterate today, without inside information from the Arsenal locker room, we’re all blowing hot air.

I made my thoughts on the importance of the captaincy clear. TL;DR — it doesn’t really matter who wears the armband as long as you have leaders on the team. I just need some other team to foul something up even more so the vultures move on to them.