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Friday Cannon Fodder: winter is here

Snow in the Harz Mountains Photo by Matthias Bein/picture alliance via Getty Images

Winter hit the D.C. area like a ton of bricks this week. Last night, we had our first frost of the season. Of course, I have tickets to an outdoor beer festival tomorrow, when the forecasted lows are just above freezing. But I shouldn’t complain that much, the 80-degree days in late October weren’t it either.

As I’m wont to do around here when the seasons change, I’ll ask y’all what your favorite part about winter is — the holidays, the snow, cooler weather, the New Year, something else — what is it?

It’s absolutely snow for me. Last year we hardly got any; we had one half-storm and that was it. I’m sure that some psychiatrist could have a field day explaining what a continuing love of snow means for a 30-something, but I don’t really care. Anytime it snows, I’m happy.

I’m sure that sentiment is different for those of you who live places where snow is much more prevalent and you get quantities that make life significantly more difficult. But here in D.C., snow has become pretty rare and significant snow comes around once every few years. Please feel free to send some of yours our way Upper Midwest and New England.