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Thursday Cannon Fodder: dreams


Good morning Short Fusers. Today, I’m curious about your dreams. No, not the “hopes and dreams” variety. The ones you have while you’re sleeping. Do you remember your dreams? Are they strange or normal? What do you dream about? Do you have any recurring ones?

According to the internet, everyone supposedly dreams 3 to 6 times per night and the dreams last anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes. We forget 95% of our dreams, but some people do remember some of them. There is no definitive answer among researchers about the purpose of dreams, why we dream about the things we do, etc., but dreams and dreaming remains one of the more highly-studied areas of both neuroscience and psychology.

My quick summary is a paltry one. I’d encourage you to do a bit of Googling because there is some really interesting (or at least interesting to me), easily digestible stuff online that summarizes a lot of what we know about dreams in more detail.

Today’s CF was brought to you by my dream from last night, one that I only remembered when I went to make my coffee. You see, I was making a French Roast, which prompted me to recall that I was speaking French in my dream. At one point in my life, I was near conversational fluency, but I haven’t had occasion to use the language in about five years. But for some reason, last night, my brain decided “get in, we’re speaking French” as we walk the streets of, I’m assuming, dreamscape Paris.

Isn’t the human brain fun?