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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: time for a quiz

Promotion and relegation are on the menu today.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Sheffield United - Premier League Photo by Geoff Caddick - Pool/Getty Images

Good morning class. It’s Wednesday, which means it is time for your weekly quiz. Well, technically it isn’t weekly because y’all got off the hook last week, but you know what I mean. Because of that, I’ve picked a difficult one today. S/O to my dad for finding it a while ago and passing it along — also, if you have a problem with it, blame him and not me.

On the docket today is promotion and relegation. Can you name all the sides promoted to and relegated from the Premier League? It’s one of those quizzes where if you simply name teams in England you’ll get a decent chunk of them, but you’ll have to dig deep to get anywhere close to the 174 (?!) clubs for 100% accuracy.

As always, share your scores and comments on clubs that you missed / forgot below. I’m late to getting my coffee, so I haven’t taken the quiz yet. But I’ll let you know how I did once I’ve had my hot bean juice. Of course, feel free to share any OT stuff in the comments as well!