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Thursday Cannon Fodder: turkey day

President Biden Pardons The Thanksgiving Turkey Photo by Chen Mengtong/China News Service via Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving TSFers! However you celebrate - with family, with friends, or not at all - I hope you have a great day. Fill yourself with all the delicious food you want and enjoy the company of loved ones.

I have two questions for discussion today:

  1. What is your favorite dish on the Thanksgiving table?
  2. Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions and what are they?

My favorite dish is Mac and Cheese, which coincidentally I’m making this year. I’m going with herbed mac (rosemary, sage, and thyme) with a cheddar, Gruyere, and brie cheese sauce over penne rigate pasta. The rigate part is important because the ridges in the pasta gives the cheese a place to stick.

Our “different” family tradition is that we go to the zoo on Thanksgiving morning. It started as a way to get the young children (my sister and I) out of the house so that the people making the food could have some peace and quiet to sleep in and then in the kitchen to cook. But we enjoy going to the zoo so much that the tradition stuck. 30-some odd years later, I’m about to head out to say “hello” to the animals.

I also enjoy watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and the dog show. Thank goodness for DVR.

Have a great day, y’all! Gobble, gobble!