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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: the return of the quiz

Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Good Wednesday morning TSF! It’s the much-anticipated (in my apartment, at least) return of the weekly Sporcle Quiz! This week we have Throwback 1970s U.S. sports logos. You get the picture, you name the team.

Some you can figure out without having seen them before (I think). Some are on currently-in-use retro jerseys. Unfortunately, Sporcle won’t let me embed the quiz because it has images, so you’ll have to use the link. As always, remember to let everyone know how you did in the comments. I got 15/15.

It’s a good thing the gift-giving holidays are coming soon, because I probably have a few additions to my list. Some of those throwback logos are absolute fire.

Unrelated: I remember reading somewhere that the night before Thanksgiving is one of the worst of the year in terms of DUIs. Drive carefully this evening, and if you decide to drink, please don’t drive!