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Monday Cannon Fodder: interlull

6,000,000th passenger of Rossiya Airlines welcomed at Simferopol Airport in Crimea Photo by Sergei Malgavko\TASS via Getty Images

I don’t not like international breaks. That’s it. That’s the Cannon Fodder for today.

I’m kidding.

My dislike for internationals is more than a bit ironic because my personal introduction to professional-level football came through watching World Cups and World Cup Qualifiers. I didn’t follow club soccer until much later, and when I did, it was MLS. I didn’t really start following European club football until I was in college. Even then, I don’t think I was really aware of the international breaks, but that might have had something to do with all the other things competing for my time and attention in college.

It wasn’t until I became truly immersed in all things Arsenal that the international breaks became such a nuisance. But they really are one. They disrupt the schedule, risk injury to key players, and put on (aside from a precious few marquee matchups) non-competitive, mostly boring matches.

I love the World Cup, the Euros, the Copas — the big international competitions. They need qualifiers. I just wish there was a way for those to exist in less disruptively.