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Friday Cannon Fodder: websites and apps


We all spend a good deal (too much?) time in front of our screens, both for work and for leisure. And I’m sure we’ve got “go to” sites, apps, and games that eat up the majority of that screen time / are part of the main rotation. But what are they? When you aren’t perusing The Short Fuse and having wonderfully fulfilling conversations in the comments, where and how are you spending your digital time?

I spend a good deal of my time on Twitter. I wish it weren’t true and that I could spend less time on the platform, but I enjoy reading everybody else’s takes and keeping up with news as it breaks. As far as apps / games are concerned, I’ve been on a Hearthstone kick. Hearthstone is Blizzard Entertainment’s digital collectible card game, think digital Magic: The Gathering (and yes, I know that actually does exist too).

If you couldn’t tell, today’s Cannon Fodder is also a brazen attempt on my part to find new and interesting things to do online. And I guess y’all might benefit from it, too. So share away in the comments!