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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: notes away, quiz time

Nirvana Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage

It’s Wednesday. It’s quiz day. Today, we’ve got a music-related quiz because when I opened up Sporcle, the top quiz on the landing page was some ridiculous music quiz. We’re not doing that one. Instead, we’re doing VH1’s Top 100 90’s Songs. They give you the song name and place on the chart, you have to come up with the artist. It’ll take a while (they’ve given you 16 minutes) but it should be fun.

At the time of writing, my quiz is still in progress (I paused it). but I don’t think I’m getting close to 100%. I’ll admit that even though I’m an 80’s baby (cue Maren Morris with slightly altered lyrics), I think I’m going to miss some of the artists because in the early 90’s, I was listening to “I Love You” by Barney, “Rubber Duckie” by Ernie, and The Magic School Bus theme song.

I know we’ve got some music-heads around here and that at least some of our music-lovers are some number of years older than me. So this one should be right in your wheelhouse. Good luck!

In addition to the normal score and “I’m bummed I missed [this one],” today, please share your favorite song(s) from the list in the comments.