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Friday Cannon Fodder: back to business

The onions in the picture will make sense later on, I promise.

Start 368th Weimar Onion Market Photo by Martin Schutt/picture alliance via Getty Images

The Premier League returns to action tomorrow, and we’ve got four matchdays between now and the next international break. Arsenal are home to Crystal Palace, home to Aston Villa, home to Leeds in the Carabao Cup, at Leicester City, and home to Watford.

I’ll be disappointed with anything less than seven points from that stretch in the league. A good haul would be 8-9. Anything above that would be great.

But that’s not really what I wanted to talk about in CF today. This morning’s post was sparked by the phrase / thought “time to get back down to brass tacks” in reference to the PL resuming action. I love slightly archaic idioms like that.

Idioms get even better when you switch languages. It’s fascinating to see the phrases other cultures have developed and which unrelated concepts, nouns, etc. have been selected to convey semi-related ideas. As an added bonus, the translations of idioms in other languages into English make even less literal sense than our own idioms do.

For example, one of my favorite French idioms is “ce n’est pas tes oignons” which literally means these are not your onions and is a way to say, rudely, “this is none of your business.”

What are some of your favorite idioms, English or otherwise?