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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: it’s quiz time

Hong Kong Holds Secondary Education Exams Photo by Anthony Kwan -Pool/Getty Images

And we’re back with Sporcle Wednesday. You know how when you were in school you’d ask, beg, and plead with your teachers to cancel the quiz, using any and every excuse / reason under the sun, and they’d never give in? Well, that’s TSF and Sporcle day. We stop for nobody and nothing.

We’re ever-present, not unlike some of the answers to today’s quiz - name the players with the most Champions League appearances in the 2000s. See what I did there?

This quiz is a bit of a doozy — 100 players to name and a 20 minute time bank. I wouldn’t blame you if at a certain point you made use of that (for me) shame-inducing “give up” button. My advice for this one is just to start naming players, focusing first on the teams and players we, as Arsenal fans, know from them helping to eliminate the Gunners in the first or second round of the knockout stage.

As always, share your answers below, and have fun discussing those players who might have slipped your mind.