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Monday Cannon Fodder: heat check


How are we feeling about Arsenal, Gooners? The club is back in action a week from today against Crystal Palace (ugh, the longest wait of any PL team). Arsenal are in 11th on 10 points, 3 wins, 1 draw, and 3 losses. The club bounced back from an atrocious start in the league to go unbeaten in five matches in all competitions.

It still feels like we don’t know very much about this Arsenal team other than they can look really bad (Manchester City) and look really good (Tottenham). I genuinely don’t know what the roster’s true level is. Is it around 8th, where it has been the last few seasons? Better than that? Worse?

The Gunners play Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, Leeds (Carabao), Leicester, and Watford before the next international break in mid-November. That run of games should give us a much better idea of where the team sits.

Palace and Watford at the Emirates are matches they should win. Villa at home will be tricky, but that’s another one where a result can reasonably be expected. Leicester away will be tough — I’ll feel pretty good about this squad if it can manage a result at the King Power. And who knows about Leeds in the Carabao. Cup matches are hard to gauge.

What do y’all think? Do we know anything meaningful about Mikel Arteta’s side seven matches into the Premier League season?