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Friday Cannon Fodder: it’s been a week

So let’s talk about food.

Indoor Dining Halted At New York City Restaurants Amid Rise In Covid Cases Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

So far, I’m really not enjoying 2020: The Remix. As the title says, it’s been a week. I’m looking forward to sitting back on my couch this weekend, watching FA Cup matches and the NFL playoffs until my behind wears a hole in the couch cushion.

Before all the sports start, I’m going to make another batch of this chorizo dip, a recipe brought to my attention by one of our esteemed, former TSF writers who goes by @Heisenbergkamp on Twitter (account locked, though). I made it for New Years Day, and it was delicious.

We haven’t had a good, old fashioned recipe discussion and swap ‘round these parts for a while, so today feels like a good day for it. After all, I really do enjoy eating my feelings, and given this past week, I have plenty of feelings to eat.

Do you have a go-to gameday dish that you make / used to bring to the [important game] watch party back when physically gathering with friends was something we could safely do? Or are you like my father who, without fail, orders some sort of Asian food (Chinese, Thai, Indian, etc.) to accompany his Sunday Night Football watching? Basically, when the sports ball comes on the TV, what’s on your plate?