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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: “when this is over”

CHINA-HEILONGJIANG-COVID-19-FOOD SUPPLY (CN) Xinhua/Wang Song via Getty Images

My apologies in advance if I’ve talked about and asked y’all about this before. I honestly cannot remember, and in this, the 400th day of March, everything has ran so far together that it doesn’t really matter. Anyway.

With the COVID-19 vaccine (slowly) rolling out across the country and world, I’ve begun to let myself think about post-COVID. One of my family members posed this question at our 4-person Christmas dinner, and I’ve been thinking about it a bit more lately: what are you most excited about doing in the post-COVID world?

One family member answered, embracing loved ones again. Another answered travel. My Dad and I had the same answer — doing normal, regular things without having to be “switched on” all the time.

I would like to go to the grocery store, or Starbucks, or walk down the street, do whatever and not have to be constantly aware of where other people are and what they are doing (in particular, whether they are wearing a mask — thankfully around me, everybody has been good about masking up). Everything takes more energy and focus, and that has left me less juice with which to do the other things that need doing.

So how about you, TSFers? What have you been missing doing the most?