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Friday Cannon Fodder: Happy New Year!

2021 Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Good morning TSFers and Happy New Year! I hope that you had an enjoyable, safe and socially distanced celebration last night and that you aren’t feeling the aftereffects too terribly.

The Gunners kick off their new year tomorrow against West Brom, and the transfer window opens tomorrow, as well. Even though the matches won’t be flying as fast and thick as during the holiday period, Arsenal still have 6 matches in the next 30 days. And if you’re hankering for some Premier League football to help start 2021, you’ve got Everton vs. West Ham followed by Aston Villa vs. Manchester United today.

Even though the year has ticked over, the world is still in the same place as it was yesterday. Sorry to be a downer, but them’s the facts. That’s why I’m not putting too much pressure on myself in terms of resolutions this year. We’ll all be living in the COVID-world for at least several more months, and as I wrote about in yesterday’s CF, getting through that is a resolution and an accomplishment of it’s own.

That said, I’d like to get back into the habit of reading actual, physical books, writing a bit more, and spending a little less time frittering away the hours online. Seems simple, general, and easy enough to do.

Do you have any resolutions for this year?