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Friday Cannon Fodder: open thread

Arsenal Training Session Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Good morning Gooners, and happy Friday. I was looking through Arsenal’s training photos yesterday and the ones with players wearing harnesses caught my eye. Not that harnesses are a strange training device — I’ve seen them before. But it got me wondering what other fancy training toys the Gunners have at London Colney.

We know from Mikel Arteta’s intro video, that the club has drones with which they record practice. I’d bet they have some other cool stuff. Like Batman-level cool technology that they use. I’m hoping for things I’ve never heard of or seen.

So here’s your question: what’s the strangest physical training activity / exercise you’ve ever done?

But really, today is the typical Friday open thread. Talk about whatever you please. Anybody have fun, socially-distanced plans (you know, because we’re still in the middle of a pandemic in the states)?

Also, this tweet deserved better than it got.