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Friday Cannon Fodder: SB Nation names

Arsenal Training Session Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

The idea for today’s CF was suggested by regular commenter Our Bovine Public. He suggested that we all share where our SB Nation usernames came from, which was a great idea. I know that some of you have some exotic names, so it would be cool to hear how you came up with them.

I’ll start. My SB Nation name is Aaron Lerner. That also happens to be my name. Wild, right? My quote used to be “Embattled and proud DC sports fan. Gooner since attending Arsenal 5 - Porto 0 (complete with Bendtner hat trick)” but it has since changed. In the past few years, the Capitals, Nationals, and Mystics have all won championships, making my D.C. sports fandom significantly more bearable. I’m now “happily less-embattled.”

As to the Arsenal part, I was in London as part of a spring break trip with my Sports Management masters program at Georgetown University. We attended a Premier League match at the weekend and that Champions League match during the week. We also met with an executive (although I don’t remember who) and took a tour of the stadium. The trip also included stops at the O2 arena, Octagon London, and a couple other sports-related entities.

What about you? Feel free to tell us about your avatar if you’d like, too. Mine is from last fall at the Two Towers in Bologna — I was in Italy for my cousin’s wedding.