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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: Cowabunga Cup Sporcle

2019 Comic-Con International - General Atmosphere And Cosplay Photo by Quinn P. Smith/Getty Images

Arsenal start (and perhaps finish) their 2020-21 Carabao Cup run today with a visit to Leicester City. Last I checked, it’s Wednesday, which means it’s Sporcle day. Seems like a good time to go with League Cup Winners as the quiz of the day.

There aren’t any great hints for this one. Just name English football teams until you’ve gotten 60/60. I can tell you, Hashtag United have not won the League Cup nor have Moneyfields. Those are both actual teams, although they are non-league and as such haven’t participated in the League Cup. I just enjoy their names.

I thought about going with an energy drink-related Sporcle because Carabao Tawandang Co Ltd.’s, the company who sponsors the competition, flagship product is Carabao Dang Energy Drink. It’s the second most popular energy drink in Thailand. Alas, there aren’t any good Sporcles about energy drinks. Also, the carabao is a domestic water buffalo native to the Philippines.

This competition is weird.