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Thursday Cannon Fodder: ranking

Arsenal v Chelsea - FA Cup Final Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Sometimes, the internet is great. Yesterday, an voting / sorter / ranker made the rounds on Arsenal twitter for the men and the women’s side. It gives you two players and you pick one (or “I like both” / “no opinion”) and once you’ve gone through it all, it gives you a list of which players you like most.

Here are my results for both teams.

It’s a fun way to spend 10-15 minutes, and it gives you a decent idea of how you actually feel about the players in comparison to each other. It may reveal to you that you like or dislike certain players more or less than you thought. For me, apparently I’m all in on Gabriel Magalhaes and down on Joe Willock. The women’s team rankings makes sense, although without voting I might have put Danielle van de Donk second.

Share your results in the comments. Feel free to tell me why I’m super wrong on your favorite players at the club.