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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: quiz day

Hope you studied your transfer fees!

Yukatel Denizlispor’s new transfer Leismann signs contract Photo by Sebahatdin Zeyrek/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Given the transfer window is open and will be for another two and a half weeks, this Sporcle seems appropriate — name the footballers with the highest transfer fees. Not surprisingly, a handful of teams make up the the vast majority of the teams on the list (the quiz gives team, transfer year, and fee). And other than Real Madrid (2001), all the transfers are 2009 forward.

The only hint I’ve got for this one is if you start drawing a blank, just start typing the name of recent, very good players. That’ll help you get a few more. I suppose that some of the players on the list may not necessarily reach the “very good” mark — hello Arsenal €80M (2019) and Manchester United €87 (2019).

It really is absurd what transfers have cost these days. I’m over here thinking “maybe we won’t see a return to some of these astronomical numbers for a while” given the downturn in football revenues caused by COVID shutdowns. Then I remember that Chelsea have spent over €200M this window.