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Friday Cannon Fodder: getting to know you

It’s that time of year again!

Before every season, we like to have a Cannon Fodder where we all reintroduce ourselves and get to know each other a little better. I’ve asked the writers to stop by in the comments and try to engage a bit, and I’ll hope you’ll do the same.

There’s nothing in particular you need to say about yourself. But here’s a guideline:

  1. Name
  2. Where you’re from/live now
  3. Favorite Arsenal memory
  4. Other sports teams you follow (football or otherwise)
  5. Favorite Food

Feel free to add anything else! I’ll start things off. I’m writing in a paragraph, but if you want to go with the numbered list, more power to you.

I’m Aaron Lerner, the TSF site manager. I’m born and raised right outside Washington, D.C. in Maryland, and other than going away for school, I’ve lived here my entire life. My favorite Arsenal memory is being at the Emirates for Arsenal 5 - Porto 0 in the Champions League in 2010 when Lord Nicklas Bendtner scored a hat trick. I’m kind of a sports junkie, and I’ll watch just about anything. I’ve played hockey my whole life, so I’m a Washington Capitals fan. And I’m an LSU football fan because my Mom’s family is from Baton Rouge. I think Mac and Cheese is my favorite food because it is a delicious canvas on which you can paint culinary masterpieces. Something else about me — I enjoy watching esports.

Excited to (re)meet all of you and for the men’s season to start tomorrow!