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Thursday Cannon Fodder: on your marks

German championship in all around Photo by Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images

Oy! The season starts this Saturday. But it feels like it has already begun here at TSF. We’ve got loads and loads of stuff coming your way today and tomorrow, plus whatever crops up in terms of “breaking” news. Like say, I don’t know, a new contract for the club captain (coming soon).

We’ve got season preview stuff coming (and already here for my predicted bottom of the table). We’ve got Arsenal predictions from the staff dropping tomorrow. We’re trying to record a preview podcast (but the situation out west and people possibly having to leave at a moment’s notice is complicating that). And we’ve got the normal slate of match preview stuff for the men, Fulham - Arsenal, and the women, West Ham - Arsenal. On top of all that, Arsenal officially released their 3rd kit (with a pretty bomb video).

One thing I’m not looking forward to as we get into the season is the transfer window remaining open through October 6th. Well, I am in that nothing drives traffic like a good transfer rumor, but I’m not excited for the “Arsenal in for [player]” every Monday with [player] being a replacement for anybody who had a bad game at the weekend. I get the window needs to be open longer because of the stoppage and the impact of COVID, but it’s going to be a tiring few weeks.

Buckle up. Here we go!