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Monday Cannon Fodder: crazy transfer Twitter

It’s back, y’all.

Twitter Photo by Mehmet Kaman/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

With the signing of Gabriel Magalhaes reportedly imminent, crazy transfer Twitter has gone into overdrive. Really, transfer Twitter has been out in force for a few weeks now, tracking flights, over-analyzing photos, examining which family members recently followed Arsenal. They even tried to glean information from Gabriel following a prominent London barber and said barber’s Instagram story.

I guess it’s fun for the people that participate in it, and far be it from me to tell them where to find their enjoyment. But it’s a bit much for my taste. I’ll stick to the trusted reporters and other, more official channels.

Speaking of transfer news, the rumor mill seems to be spinning up even more as we draw closer to the start of the season, and we should have an update or two coming today. Arsenal play Liverpool in the Community Shield five days from now, and the Premier League season starts in two and a half weeks. It feels as if the FA Cup Final (which Arsenal won, in case you’d forgotten) was a few days ago.

It’s going to be a fun week.