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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: big, big plans

California Re-Closes Segments Of Economy As Coronavirus Cases Continue To Rise Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Good morning Gooners! It’s a big day for me. I’ve finally reached the point where my hasn’t-been-cut-since-pre-COVID hair is just too long and looks too wild, so I’m getting it cut. I’ll finally look like a normal human again. I’ll probably post before and after on my personal Twitter and MAY even retweet from TSF. Feel free to have a laugh at my expense.

Shifting gears entirely, here’s my question of the day for you: is there anything in particular posts you’d like to see in the run up to the season? I think, going forward, I’ll try to include a discussion question in CF. I may also make it into a hybrid stream of consciousness + links dump post. I just really don’t like the straight links dump, because I’d often find myself including things that aren’t that interesting, but every now and then, there is some good #content on the internet to share with y’all.

Yesterday was a bit of a slow news day, but I’ve got a post or two that I’d like to get to today. I want to write a bit about the direction Arsenal are heading with their youth setup. We’ve also got a podcast coming out later this week, so look forward to that!