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The Shirt Fuse: White Marble

Coming to a sports store near you!

Arsenal 2019-20 Adidas Home Kit Launch Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Arsenal’s 2020/21 away kit has been confirmed for a while now, and will soon be at your local sportswear store. You can find my thoughts on the kit here.

My new bone to pick with this kit, is on the back, the pattern doesn’t continue from the front. It is just plain white. If we’re going to be wearing a tacky design, go all in on it. Can you imagine either of the Bruised Banana kits with on the pattern on the front? Absolutely not. I think this is a miscalculation on an already underwhelming kit. I am interested to see if they will go with red or navy font for the numbers on the back. I’m leaning towards red since the pattern doesn’t continue.

Footy Headlines recently confirmed these European threads for Manchester United. I expect we’ll see the same templates in Arsenal’s third kit colors available too.

Is this kit growing on you? The home kit already got a upgrade on its overall rating with a FA Cup win. Could this kit see glory in its future too?