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Ceballos Extension Likely

Real Madrid and Arsenal look increasingly more likely to an agreement over Dani Ceballos

Aston Villa v Arsenal FC - Premier League Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Real Madrid loanee Dani Ceballos is trending towards sticking around the Emirates for at least one more season, if not more. Rumors are heating up that Zidane’s exiled man, not named Bale, will continue his exile away from the Bernabeu. Head Coach (can we call him ‘Manager’ yet?) Mikel Arteta has made it clear he wants to retain the fellow Spaniard services for next season following a renewed run of form and the positives steps he has taken under Arteta’s reign.

COVID-19 has placed a great uncertainty on the transfer market, not just for Arsenal. Appropriate pricing, inability to pay fees without cash from ticket sales, and no set timeline for fans to return in stadia across Europe will have loan and swap deals in vogue this summer.

I think extending the loan is a very good option for Arsenal at the moment, most assuredly because Arteta wants this player in his squad. Especially if we get a clause that in the contract, with this in year two of the loan, we can purchase Dani at extremely reduced rate if we so please. He’s running his contract down at Madrid at the same time during these loans, so it works in our favor from a negotiation standpoint and Zidane wants nothing to do with the midfielder.

Is Ceballos the answer to Arsenal’s current problems? Absolutely not. Is a loan deal for a player who is likely to feature for Arteta 30+ appearances on favorable terms for a cash strapped club? Yes.

I believe the above image references exactly what Arteta was speaking on about Dani’s return from injury and first impressions. Arteta praised Dani for “training like an animal” to impress the head coach and work his way into the squad.

Do you think Arsenal should extend the loan for Dani Ceballos? Drop a line below.