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Arsenal at Aston Villa community player ratings

This could get ugly.

Aston Villa v Arsenal FC - Premier League Photo by Rui Vieira/Pool via Getty Images

If you looked up “disappointing performance” in the dictionary, you’d probably find today’s Arsenal performance against Aston Villa as an example. The Gunners had a decent chance to finish 7th in the table and qualify for the Europa League coming into the match. All they needed to do was beat 18th Aston Villa and 17th Watford (at the time) and get a little bit of help.

And they laid a massive egg.

Arsenal are fortunate in that they’ve still have the FA Cup as a way into Europe, but that sounds eerily similar to what we were saying last year about the poor results down the stretch that kept Arsenal out of a Champions League place, “oh but we still have winning the Europa League” route. And that was also against Chelsea. And we all know how that turned out.

For my money, nobody on Arsenal had a good game today. Dani Ceballos was the Gunners’ best player, but as I wrote in the recap, is a 6.5/10 (at best) anything to write home about?

What did you think?