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Friday cannon fodder: open thread

What’s on your mind?

Arsenal FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Happy Friday everyone, we’ve made it through another week in this strange world! I hope that you’re all hanging in there given the extra stresses of life right now.

We’re getting close to having more of our U.S.-based sports back, which is exciting, I guess. MLB resumes on July 23rd, the NBA on July 30th, and the NHL on August 1st. The restarts, like that of the Premier League and European football, have left me a little conflicted because of the additional risk it’s exposing players, staff, and workers to, and that concern is magnified by the fact that we don’t have nearly as good of a handle on the virus as other places. But it’s happening regardless of what I think.

Anyway, I’ll be planted on my couch watching football this weekend, like I have been for pretty much all of the past weekends. It’s been so hot in D.C. (yesterday was the first time in nearly three weeks it didn’t eclipse 90 degrees) that I’ve had very little motivation to do much else. Even sitting outside on my lounger hasn’t felt that appealing. The problem is that when it’s hot here, it’s also humid with poor air quality, which is not a great combination.

Fortunately, most of you aren’t in D.C. and don’t have to deal with our nasty summer weather. What have you got planned this weekend?