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Wednesday cannon fodder: quiz time

Sporcle-ing it up once again.

Joe DiMaggio Original Sports Illustrated Cover 1949

How’s it going today, sports fans? We’re moving out of soccer and into general sports today with naming “Sports Illustrated Cover Athletes” given the cover picture. My apologies to those of you who are non-U.S.-based and don’t give a lick about U.S. sports.

I’m kind of bummed I didn’t go 36/36 on this one — I missed one and went 35/36. When I saw the answer I missed, I kicked myself. I should have gotten there just by spam guessing famous boxers. I have my thoughts about which athletes y’all will most frequently miss, but I’ll share those in the comments, hidden by spoiler text.

I actually have six different Sports Illustrated covers hanging in my apartment. I’ve got Matt Flynn lifting the National Championship crystal football for LSU, Peyton Manning’s first Super Bowl win when he was with the Colts, Duke Men’s Basketball winning the title in 2010, the 1980 Miracle On Ice, and both of the covers from the Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup. There are two more that need adding — the Nationals winning the World Series and LSU’s National Championship earlier this year (which feels like a lifetime ago).