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Wednesday cannon fodder: badges

Another Wednesday, another Sporcle.

Top Six Club Badges on Football Shirts Photo by Visionhaus

Today’s Sporcle is a little different because it doesn’t involve any typing, just clicking. You’ve got to select the badges of every club to play in the Premier League while avoiding the incorrect ones a la the computer game Minefield. If you pick one incorrectly, you lose a guess.

I feel like the badge is one of the less talked about identifiers of a club, but maybe we should pay more attention to them. I mean, when there are reports of a player not wanting to stay at a club or having a row with the executives, what’s the first thing they do when they score? They run to the nearest stand of supporters and kiss the badge. Many club crests bear images referencing local/club history. Some have Latin phrases. Some look great. Some are hideous.

I got 41 of 49 correct. There are definitely some badges on there that I’ve never seen before. I was also thrown off by my memory of teams that I’ve seen play Arsenal in cup competitions that weren’t actually ever in the Premier League.

I’ve enjoyed doing these soccer specific quizzes — I’ve learned a good deal from them and have wound up down some interesting Wikipedia rabbit holes as a result.

As always, let us know how you did in the comments. Also, what do you think of the Arsenal badge? Do you have a favorite non-Arsenal one?