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Arsenal Weekend Round-Up

Contracts, matches, kits, zoom supporters...oh my!

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Arsenal Training Session Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

What a week. I hope you took a break, unplugged and digested. I know I did. Work from home week #13 or #14 for me, I’ve lost count. I hope you are doing well. If you aren’t, please reach out in the comments. We’e here for you and here to be an ally anyway we can to support you.

It’s Saturday morning, Bundesliga is on, Premier League is closing in on a return. Grab your coffee, muffin, english breakfast, bagel, fruit...whatever it is and catch up on what’s been going on at Arsenal this week.

Return to Action

Arsenal are back, baby! First match, Manchester City. Woo. June 17th.

Adidas update

Away kit was confirmed and covered here. Below is a photo of the actual shirt along with some early lifestyle leaks of products to come out this coming season.

Leaked Jacket and Pullover


Head Coach Mikel Arteta is planning to take over the reigns for talks with Aubameyang over extending the captain’s current deal. This week reports are coming out that Chelsea are also interested in the Gabonese striker services, with one year left on his deal, the question is more likely, who isn’t monitoring his situation.

David Luiz cost Arsenal a lot of money this year and it may just be that, one year. Unai Emery’s mismanagement of Laurent Koscielny got us into this mess and with 7 CB’s on the payroll and one more incoming, someone has go to go. I would personally like to see Mustafi and Sokratis bounce out of London and extend Luiz one more year, but with the current cash flow being what it is and Luiz’s massive weekly wage, he may be the odd one out. Zero return on investment there, surprise surprise.

Bukaya Saka needs a new contract, he DESERVES a new contract. If he doesn’t get one, we will lose him to a Premier League rival for free and then have to spend additional money to find a player of his caliber to come into the squad. This seems like a no brainer for the front office to give him a huge bump in his weekly wage and extend him 4-5 years. Please don’t mess this up, Don Raul.

Speaking of Don Raul, Aidan and I will be hoping on the pod this week to talk about his early tenure comments about contracts and how Arsenal will begin to handle these situations. Well we’re headed into another summer where Arsenal’s captain and most important player will have less than 12 months on their contract along with their brightest homegrown star, not great, boss!

Hopefully you’ve finished your coffee by now and either refilled with Baileys or just moved to beer by now. Cheers friends!