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Arsenal 2 - Sheffield United 1 community ratings

What did she wear? She wore a yellow ribbon.

Sheffield United v Arsenal - FA Cup: Quarter Final Photo by Andrew Boyers/Pool via Getty Images

Arsenal’s 2-1 win over Sheffield United in the FA Cup quarterfinal felt very Arsenal-y. There were bright spots and great attacking moves coupled with a moment of clownshoes defending and a late equalizer conceded. In slightly less Arsenal-y fashion, the Gunners responded to giving up a late goal and got a stoppage time winner through Dani Ceballos.

But they don’t give style points. A win is a win no matter how you slice it, and Arsenal are headed to Wembley for the FA Cup semifinal. The Gunners have won an impressive 26 of their last 29 FA Cup matches and have advanced from 30 of the 44 FA Cup quarterfinals they have made all-time. The Gunners are two wins away from their record-extending 14th FA Cup win.

For me, it was a mixed bag of performances for the Gunners today. Some guys were strong, others not so much. Let us know what you thought!