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Friday cannon fodder: open thread

And a bonus fact to boot!


The Premier League returns in five days. Arsenal have a mad dash to the finish ahead of them with no room for error if they want to play in Europe next season. Making the Champions League is extremely unlikely but not out of reach. Arsenal could also slip up and miss the Europa League entirely. They’ve got it all to play for when things resume on Wednesday, June 17th, in just 5 short days!

Arsenal have won the Emirates Cup a record 5 times.

So I’m having a bit of fun with this one. The Emirates Cup, the Arsenal-hosted preseason tournament, has only been held for the men’s team 10 times. As of last summer, it is also held for the women’s team. The men are the only team to have participated in the tournament more than 3 times, so they darn well better be the record winners.

I’d also like for today’s CF to be an Open Thread; we haven’t had one in a while. How’s everybody doing? How is re-opening going where you are? Anything else on your mind not coronavirus-related?